Thermal Paper Rolls 2 1/4″ x 50′ – (50) CC Receipt Paper per Pack | BPA Free for POS terminals: Verifone Vx520 | Ingenico Ict220 Ict250 | First Data fd400 | Clover Mini Flex Mobile | Way System


  • MADE IN USA (ECO FRIENDLY) – 2 1/4″x50′ Cash Register Rolls (57mm x 15.24m) | 50 Rolls per pack | BPA Free: Produced without the use of Bisphenol A | End of roll warning: red signal stripe for low paper indication


  • TOP QUALITY THERMAL REGISTER TAPE – 48gsm, 100% lint free paper to reduce and protect printer jams or misfeed, meets all credit card thermal printer manufacturers OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements including: Verifone Vx 520, Ingenico  Ict 200 Ict 220 Ict 250, Clover,  Way Systems Model wireless terminals and much more,  delivering a smooth, rich top notch legible print every time


  • GOOD PRINTING & HANDLING – Heat-sensitive paper with a specialty coating provides sharp black image, without the need for ink or ribbons.  How this works is that when heat is applied to the coating from the thermal receipt printer, the specialty coating allows inkless smooth printing. The crisp material allows for easy tearing and installation, providing a satisfactory print and handle with every transaction


  • GREAT FOR ALL RETAIL –  These credit card paper rolls (thermal) are ideal for credit card machine terminals, cash registers, point of sale (POS) receipt printers at restaurants, retail stores, food service, portable wireless printers, atm machiines, calculators, hair salons, barbershops, couponing, or any other businesses


  • ADDITIONAL COMPATIBLE TERMINALS –  Please SEE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BELOW for more printer compatibility: Axalto Magic X100, Blue Bamboo, Celerex, Citizen cbm262 cbm270, Commerciant Mobilescape 3000 5000, Dejavoo z8 z9 z11, ingenico ict200 iWL255 BIO960, Detecs pp-55, EBW Auto Stik 950, EMCO/Wheaton Tank Monitor II, Extech s1500t s2500t s2500ths, Hypercom I.C.E.4000 I.C.E.4000CE I.C.E.5000 I.C.E.6500 T7P-T, T7P-T, LinkPack 3000 9000 9100, Nurit 8000 8020 8040 8320, Veeder Root TLS350

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RUS-50. Out of stock 7 × 7 × 5 in 80 oz . , , , , , .


This thermal paper is compatible with the following terminals:

✅Axalto Magic X1000

✅Blue Bamboo Model P25 Portable Printer

✅Blue Bamboo Model H50 Wireless POS Terminal

✅Bixolon STP-103 SPP-R200

✅BioBon-500 Bladder Scanner Thermal Paper

✅Celerex CX 1000 Remote Terminal

✅Citizen CBM262, CBM270

Clover Flex, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile

✅Commerciant Mobilescape 3000 5000

✅Datecs PP-55 Palm Printer

✅EBW Auto Stik 950

✅EMCO/Wheaton Tank Monitor II

✅Extech S1500T, S2500T, S2500THS

✅First Data FD400 FD400ti

✅Hypercom I.C.E.4000, Hypercom I.C.E.4000CE, Hypercom I.C.E.5000, Hypercom I.C.E.6500

✅Hypercom T7P-T

Ingenico iCT200, Ingenico iCT220, Ingenico iCT250, Ingenico iWL255, Ingenico iWL252, Ingenico BIO930

Ingenico EFT930 Series, Ingenico EFT930S-L, Ingenico EFT930S, Ingenico EFT930S

✅LinkPack 3000, 9000, 9100

✅MagIC 6000


✅Nissan Monitor

Nurit 2080, Nurit 2085, Nurit 2090, Nurit 3000, Nurit 3010, Nurit 3020, Nurit 5000, Nurit 504, Nurit 505, Nurit 8000, 8010, 8020, 8040, 8320

✅O’Neil 2t, 2te

✅Printech Mt2

✅Royal Alpha 583CX, Royal Alpha 600SC, Royal Alpha 9155SC

✅Samsung ER5200, ER5240, STP-103, STP-131

✅Schlumberger MagIC 6000, MPT/ICC SII

✅Sharp 01PU, 01PU, XE-A201

✅Standard Register S40

✅Talento Dassault

✅Veeder Root TLS350

Verifone: Omni 3200, Omni 3210, Omni 3300, Omni 3350, Omni 3740, Omni 3750 Omni print J.C. 1160 Series, Printer 350, Printer 355, Printer Tranz 420, (Verifone part #CRM0027)

Verifone Vx510, Vx520, Vx570, Vx610 Vx810 Duet, Vx820 Duet

✅Way Systems Model wireless terminals

Additional information

Weight80 oz
Dimensions7 × 7 × 5 in


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